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For the avid hiker and outdoors enthusiast, Fishing Point offers an immense variety of experiences via hiking trails.   Some portions of these trails have boardwalks, which follow the coastline for a distance, while others are more rugged and allow a close-up view of the wildlife, plantlife, and berries in the area.   Fishing Point is especially an excellent place to view icebergs and watch whales.   The trails range in difficulty from easy to strenuous and they are scattered throughout the region and offers a view of Fishing Point in its entirety.

Santana Trail

Santana Trail is the most difficult trail in the park, but the view is well worth the effort.   It climbs steeply via 477 wooden steps to the top of Fishing Point Lookout.   The top of the hill affords a panoramic view of St. Anthony, St. Anthony Bight, Fishing Point and the Grey Islands in the distance. The cemetery on Fishing Point Park access road locates the trailhead.  

1 km return - 45 minutes to 1 hour - Moderate to Strenuous

Whale Watchers Trail

Whale Watchers Trail runs along the southern edge of Fishing Point.   There are several lookouts, one with a pay telescope, which affords views of various species of whales including the humpback, fin, minke and killer. This area has little trails leading right to the beach where you can sit and watch the rolling waves crashing against the nearby cliffs.   If you stand too close, you may even get misted by the ocean spray.   Bakeapples, partridgeberries, crackerberries and blackberries can all be found along this trail. The cemetery on Fishing Point Park access road locates the trailhead.

0.8 km return - 30 minutes - Easy

Iceberg Alley Trail

The trailhead is located at the end of the access road by the Lightkeepers Seafood Restaurant. This trail is all boardwalk with railings.   It is wheelchair accessible leading visitors to a viewing area equipped with a telescope and offers a great inland view of the town of St. Anthony as well as a view of icebergs and whales.   This trial has access Leifsburdir, the sod hut restaurant of the Great Viking Feast Dinner Theatre.

0.4 km return - 10 minutes - Easy

Cartier's View Trail

Cartier's View Trail leads to a scenic lookout, a perfect spot for a picnic and for watching fishing boats as they travel in and out of the harbour.   Bakeapples and blackberries and many other plants grow along the trail. The trailhead is located on the opposite side of the access road from the cemetery.  

0.6 km return - 20 minutes - Easy to Moderate


If you decide to hike on any of our trails, please remember:

  • Wear good walking shoes
  • Dress in layers
  • Pack a light lunch and bring liquids
  • Tell someone where you are going