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The Only Sod Covered Restaurant in North America

viking coupleOur building is a replica of the 1000 year old Leif Erickson's home at nearby L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site.     "Leifsburdir" is covered in sod and nearly invisible from the outside, but inside it takes you back to 1000 AD when the Vikings roamed our land.   You are sure to enjoy the setting at Leifsburdir.

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The Dining Experience

Our main event is The Great Viking Feast at Leifsburdir and is offered to the general public and to tour groups throughout the summer season. While we do not run the Viking Feast every evening we do endeavor to run at least six nights per week for July and August while less frequently during June and September. We will host the Viking Feast for any group over 20 people anytime.  

Fun, Food and Feuds

Merry VikingsWhile the setting at Leifsburdir sets the tone for your experience, it is our merry band of Vikings that make your stay with us a memorable one. Whether it is a Viking lunch, an early Viking Dinner or The Great Viking Feast Dinner Theatre our staff will make your stay an enjoyable one.     

Starting at 7:00PM most evenings during the summer, the Great Viking Feast provides a humorous look at Viking life and at ourselves. Our merry band of Vikings let you steal the show at our Viking court after feasting with your friends to some of the best food you are likely to encounter anywhere during your travels. It pays to prepare for a little fun with your traveling companions.   

The Menu

Dine with us on Moose Stew, Cod Casserole, Jiggs Dinner, Cod Tongues, Roast Capelin, Baked Atlantic Salmon, Roast Beef, Squid Fried Rice, Salads and Rolls.    Your meal is followed by a special Viking desert served with tea or coffee.    The meal is buffet style and served from the good ship "Raven's Wing"

Tour Groups Welcome

For Tour Groups we offer a Viking Lunch or Viking Dinner served at Leifsburdir by our Viking staff.   Motorcoach, RV, caravan and bus tours all welcome, with special menu and prices.

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Remember, stopping at Fishing Point serves you well.   Our ocean view of icebergs and whales, the coastal hiking trails and shopping opportunities for gifts and souvenirs at the Fishing Point Emporium make our location an excellent location to stop over and save time by availing of our many services.

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We are located next to the Lightkeepers Seafood Restaurant at Fishing Point in St. Anthony, at the tip of Newfoundland and Labrador's Northern Peninsula, within a few kilometres of L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site.


The Great Viking Feast

Booking Policies - Summer 2006

  • Demand is extremely high between July 10 to August 31
  • Book as early as possible
  • Maximum seating 85
  • We do sell any remaining seats to the general public unless specifically requested and arranged.
  • Doors open at 7:00pm and the dinner starts at 7:30pm, with or without you 
  • Please ask about travel times to our location
  • Some requests MAY be booked for a 5:00 PM start instead of the regular 7:30pm


  • Downpayment is NOT required
  • Final count MUST be forwarded 14 to 21 days prior to arrival 
  • Failure to contact our office during that time may result in charges for all seats previously requested or cancellation of the booking
  • Group discount applies to groups of more than 20 persons, call for details
  • Cancellation policy - 30 days notification
  • Complimentary Policy - One Complimentary per 20 booked